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Quality Control

At Ayanie Lighting we pursue the highest interest of our customers. Therefore we never compromise the quality of the products we produce. In our view, quality equals customer satisfaction. And this drives us to settle for nothing but excellence in all aspects of our business as we strictly control the quality.

Our products go through the next phases during the quality control process:
· Incoming Quality Control (stock inspection; characters inspection; test inspection)
· Input Process Quality Control (first inspection; process inspection; tour inspection; time inspection)
· Full inspection (depends on requirements)
· Outgoing Quality Control (packing inspection; labeling inspection; appearance inspection; characteristics inspection)
· Acceptable Quality Level inspection
· Periodic inspection plans
· Internal auditing program

Quality Assurance

Every product has different specifications and therefore we have developed a unique QC program for each product. Our quality control team works closely with customers and offers a complete production analysis based upon customers needs and requirements:
Brainstorming meeting: Before we start our production, we hold a meeting to clearly understand and provide the project. After the presented samples, the production starts under high quality standards.

The following documents are provided before the production for control:
· Latest drawing verification
· Latest approved sample verification
· Investigate limitation for each defect
· Discussion of potential risk in production
· Make correct&complete working for every stage
· Make correct&complete quality control document
· Make packing instruction
· Key process training program

Consistent Quality

Ayanie Lighting prides herself for the ability to maintain the same high quality during each manufacturing process. 
Our rigorous manufacturing procedures and dedication for details as listed below proves that our customers can count on the quality consistency that they want to rely on, when making an order:
At Ayanie Lighting, there are no differences between product samples and mass produced products, we provide you the guarantee of our production.
· Visual optimizing management
· ERP implementation with bar codes
· Prevent defects from happening
· Root cause oriented for mistake, defect and its solution
· Immediate corrective action&continuous improvement
· Seamless communication throughout all processes
· Highly trained and skilled workforce
· Timely reports
· Products and documents traceability
· Comply with CE&RoHS directives