Project Description

Product Code: MERAK 400W LED Linear Highbay | HBL-K400W

Key Features

  • Medium beam fixtures and wide light distribution designs
  • Heat-sink integrated design, providing excellent heat dissipation
  • Solid-state construction makes for shock&vibration resistance
  • Easy to install and mount with convenient hanging hook
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy housing
  • Anti glare, UGR<19 available
  • Optional Occupancy Sensor and Emergency-kit available

Product Description

MERAK LED Linear Highbay increase Visibility with Brighter, More Efficient Lighting

MERAK Linear LED high bay is available in a variety of light distributions including medium beam fixtures and wide light distribution designs. Narrow and medium distribution LED linear high bay fixtures have a Type 1 or Type 5 light distribution. These distribution types are ideal for aisles or higher ceilings. Placing linear high bay fixtures parallel to aisles is approximately 50% more efficient than a perpendicular alignment and helps decrease eye strain. This layout is also easier to control with motion sensors. Wide distribution linear LED high bay fixtures give off a broader light distribution and are better suited for open layouts to provide a uniform light for commercial buildings and areas. The light distribution is round rather than linear, but the beam is more concentrated.

Lighting for high bay ceilings requires thoughtfully designed fixtures. When you combine the overall design with the incredible power of LED found in our selection of linear LED high bay light fixtures, you get a lighting solution that is practical, affordable, and high-functioning. MERAK high bay lights are the perfect solution for warehouse, manufacturing, big box retail, gymnasium, gas station, supermarket, loft-style office, and many other lighting applications.


Lighting Performance

Colour Temperature Lumen Output LED CRI Minimum Lifetime
3000K, 4000K, 6000K 60000lm EPISTAR SMD2835 >80 55,000hrs

N.B Lumen values quoted on Cold White (6000K)

Input Data

Driver Brand Power Supply Type Power Factor Input Voltage
Meanwell Constant Current >0.95 100-277 V AC

Operating Details

Power Ambient Temperature Range
400W -40 to +50 °C

Physical Details

Material Finish Ingress Protection
Aluminum + PC V0 White,Black, Silver Grey IP54


LED Colours Optics
Warm White, Neutral White, Cold White 90°/120°

Packing Details

Quantity Per Carton Carton Size Carton Weight
1 pcs 67 x 19 x 22 cm 4 kg


Mechanical Dimensions (Unit mm)


Available Colours




Installation Options

Control Options



Ingress Protection