Project Description

Product Code: VEGA 80W 1200X600 MM LED Panel | SPL-126G80W

Key Features

  • Modular design fit all European ceiling grid with different frames.
  • Less inventory risk, faster time to projects.
  • Glare free: UGR<16, luminance limits @65°<1000cd/m.
  • More useful light: over 90% useful lumen in cone 90°.
  • Flicker free, Class II, Isolated driver.
  • Characteristic Louver Reflector design technology.
  • Ideal for both commercial or general lighting purposes

Product Description

With Characteristic Louver Reflector design technology, The VEGA LED panel light is an exceptionally high performance retrofit type LED light

Design for general lighting in a complete modular system, the VEGA Panel Light aims to save your inventory and cash flow and reduce the lead time for projects. Thanks to the detachable modular design, you can easy customized different size of frame(such as 595*595, 620*620, 295*1195…), it can be recessed / pendant / surface mounted (depends on frame or Accessories). It provides beautiful light distribution with low glare light(UGR<16 @ 4H*8H,less than 1000cd/m2 for 65-90 degree) . It is widely used in office, store, schools, hospital and so on. Nearly 60% energy saving compare to fluorescent T5 thanks to the high efficacy nearly 150lm per watt. 5-step(standard) MacAdam ellipses offer high quality light.


Lighting Performance

Colour Temperature Lumen Output LED Quantity CRI Minimum Lifetime
3000K, 4000K, 6000K 13000lm 768pcs >80 50,000hrs

N.B Lumen values quoted on Cold White (6000K)

Input Data

Drive Current Power Supply Type Power Factor Input Voltage
1050mA Constant Current >0.9 30-40V DC

Operating Details

Power Ambient Temperature Range
80W -20 to +50 °C

Physical Details

Weight Finish Ingress Protection
3250g (±10g) White, Black IP20


LED Colour UGR Optics
Warm White, Neutral White, Cold White <16 85×70°

Bundled Driver Specification

Input Output Current Output Voltage
220-240V AC 1050mA 30-40V DC


Mechanical Dimensions (Unit mm)


Available Colours




Installation Options

Control Options



Ingress Protection