Project Description

Product Code: AURIGA 100W LED Street Light | SL-K100W

Key Features

  • Special designed optics maximize light distribution
  • Low-glare illumination on the intended area
  • High-grade aluminum alloy A360 housing
  • High-durability powder coating
  • Daylight sensor and Motion Sensor available
  • Adjustable holder

Product Description

Bring a uniform lighting experience AURIGA LED Street Lights

AURIGA LED Street Lights feature cobra head street light fixtures which are ideal for perimeter and security lighting. Applications include roadway lighting, loading platforms, parking facilities & parking lots, rural homes, public entrances and perimeter lighting. LED street lighting cobra head fixtures are designed to enhance illumination in municipal areas while providing savings through increased energy efficiency, decreased maintenance needs and longer-rated lifetimes.

Superior to traditional lighting technologies like high pressure sodium (HPS), Mercury Vapor (MV) and Pulse Start Metal Halide (MH), Cobra head LED street lights are often used for street lighting applications because they’re shaped in such a way that diffuses light to cover a wide patch of ground.


Lighting Performance

Colour Temperature Lumen Output LED CRI Minimum Lifetime
3000K, 4000K, 6000K 13000lm PHILIPS SMD3030 >80 55,000hrs

N.B Lumen values quoted on Cold White (6000K)

Input Data

Driver Brand Power Supply Type Power Factor Input Voltage
Meanwell Constant Current >0.95 85-265 V AC

Operating Details

Power Ambient Temperature Range
100W -40 to +50 °C

Physical Details

Material Finish Ingress Protection
Aluminum + PC White,Silver,Black IP65


LED Colours Optics
Warm White, Neutral White, Cold White 80*155°

Packing Details

Quantity Per Carton Carton Size Carton Weight
1 pcs 73 x 36 x 20 cm 7.5 kg


Mechanical Dimensions (Unit mm)


Available Colours




Installation Options

Control Options



Ingress Protection